No one eye test is the same, Everyone has their own individual needs and often present with different specific concerns or requirements.

We adapt the examination in order to give the most appropriate advice, recommendations and treatments.

We prioritise the link between health and vision, and routinely screen for eye disease such as glaucoma, cataract, macula degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.


Typical tests include

  • Measurement of vision (visual acuity)
  • Refraction to determine optical correction
  • Eye focusing, movements and and binocular coordination
  • Visual fields tests using the ‘Humphrey Analyser’ as used in all glaucoma clinics
  • Eye pressure measurement using contact tonometry (with no ‘puff of air’)
  • Ocular coherence tomography (OCT) scanning to give cross sectional images of the retina
  • Slit lamp microscopy, anterior eye photography and retinal photography
  • Diagnostic tests for dry eyes, corneal health or suitability for contact lenses

We can advise on

  • Types of suitable vision correction – glasses, contact lenses, laser surgery
  • Eye exercises to improve your focus and eye coordination
  • Low vision aids and rehabilitation, lighting and improving contrast
  • Nutrition and supplements to prevent eye disease
  • Eye protection at work and in sport
  • Eye hygiene and lubrication
  • Other eye treatments and surgery
  • Referral to our in-house NHS specialist ophthalmology service – Wetherby Eye Clinic


If you are due an eye test or are experiencing any new visual/eye problems then contact us now on tel: 01937 583278 or book an appointment today.