A partnership between Leeds Teaching Hospitals and Appleson Optometrists providing a specialist NHS Community Eye Service.


Many patients with a range of eye conditions have the option of visiting our specialist NHS clinic – a consultant led ophthalmology service – rather than being referred to a hospital eye department.


Referrals are accepted from GPs, optometry practices and other eye clinics, for adult (18+) patients with non-urgent eye and vision problems that require an ophthalmology service.


Paul Appleson
Paul Appleson
Ann Barrett

Our two specialist optometrists Paul Appleson and Ann Barrett, are registered specialists in glaucoma and therapeutics, Independent Prescribers and also employees of the hospital trust.


Our visiting consultant ophthalmologists, Mr Peter Galloway and Professor Bernard Chang, offer monthly clinics, for more complex cases or if assessment for surgery is required.


We provide a range of diagnostic testing on the same day as the consultation, such as advanced retinal imaging (OCT), retinal photography and automated ‘Humphrey’ visual field testing.


Typical non-urgent conditions seen at Wetherby Eye Clinic include glaucoma and ocular hypertension, dry eyes, blepharitis, non-acute flashes and floaters, retinal and optic discs lesions, age related macular degeneration, and eyelid anomalies. We also run a monthly ‘minor ops’ clinic.


For further information including all inclusions/exclusions, please download our Wetherby Eye Clinic flyer.

We have also created our own referral letter for GPs and referral letter for optometrists


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We work closely with the Hospital Trust as well as the GPs, optometrists and other hospital eye clinics to allow smooth referrals, and provide information and feedback.


For useful information for patients about where we are and getting to your appointment click here.

For further information about Wetherby Eye Clinic, contact a.wetherby@nhs.net.