We recognise the importance of well made, reliable, accurately fitted, comfortable and attractive glasses.

Our dispensing optician will give you as much time as you need to discuss your frame and lens requirements, helping you with all the choices available, to ensure you obtain and leave our practice with the right glasses for you.


Choosing the right frame can be difficult – does it fit well, will it suit my prescription and does it look good?

We have a wide range of high quality individual frames from around Europe and the UK to offer unique design’s for your style – from colourful and bold to a more conservative look. We’ll check the frame fits you and is suitable for your prescription.

And we will always continue to adjust your frame throughout its lifetime, to ensure it remains comfortable and fits correctly. So whenever you need your frames adjusted, just pop in and we’ll be pleased to help.

Whether it’s a striking look or a minimal design, we will help you find the perfect frame.








As our reliance on good vision for regular daily tasks increase, the benefits of high quality lenses have never been more important.

There is now a huge choice of lens designs to suit your individual needs.

Individualised varifocal lenses are precisely optimised to the wearers prescription and the frame giving a truly tailored designed lens for your lifestyle needs. Occupational lenses offer the ultimate in comfortable vision with the modern range of PC and communication devices, such as laptops to eliminate visual stress and accommodation fatigue.

Products such as bespoke sports lenses, Polarised, Drivewear and Transitions provide enhanced vision, improved visual comfort and protection from adverse light conditions.

High index and lightweight lenses improve the appearance particularly for higher prescriptions.

The latest Superblue lens coating technology reduces discomfort from computer screens and modern portable devices- minimising the effect of emitted blue light and glare.  They are more scratch resistant and easier to keep clean than before.


Let us help you choose the correct lens for your requirements and you will really benefit and see the difference.

To gain your eye test or update your glasses, pop in to our practice today or contact us now to make an appointment tel: 01937 583278 or book an appointment online today.