We at Appleson Optometrists are happy to provide contact lenses for children, as and when they need them.

We will always discuss the requirements of each child with their parent or guardian to ensure the right contact lenses are prescribed to suit each individual child’s need. We will assess the child’s vision, their reasons for requiring contact lenses and help them with inserting and taking out the contact lenses. Only when we feel the child is comfortable and able to put the lenses in and take them out, will we let them start to wear contact lenses.

However, in most instances we find children are particularly suited to contact lenses. The wearing of contact lenses provides children with:

  • Better vision for sports and leisure activities
  • Improved appearance and social acceptance, especially with high levels of short sight (myopia) or long sight (hyperopia)
  • Greater self-confidence, self-esteem and satisfaction
  • Avoid frequent breakages of glasses
  • Full time vision correction – particularly important in children with squint, astigmatism and poor vision in one eye to ensure the eyes work properly together and to avoid a ‘lazy eye’
  • Easily updated when eyesight is changing frequently

CL tuition

For information on fees for contact lens examinations, see our Examination Fees page.

If you would like to understand the suitability of contact lenses for your child, then contact us now on tel: 01937 583278 or book an appointment today; we will be pleased to offer you the advice you need to make the right choice for your child.